Wednesday, April 16, 2008



Re-visit this show at a San Francisco venue. Previously shown at The Subterranean Art House in Berkeley. See below for a full description. 

presented by
Goat Hill Pizza
300 Connecticut Street at 18th
Potrero Hill 
San Francisco CA
March 13 - May 28, 2016
Opening Reception: Sunday April 17, 1 - 4 pm 

Goat Hill Pizza - Potrero Hill SF


presented by
2179 Bancroft Way
Berkeley CA
November 7 - December 6, 2015

Opening Reception: November 7, 1-3 pm
Featuring live music with The Aqua Velvets acoustic

Likely or unlikely stories. We are all writing the narrative of our lives. One step at a time. One-way streets, back alleys, sprawling boulevards, rocky trails take us to and through our destinies. Do we turn left? Do we turn right? Each intersection decides our next paragraph, beginning or ending of a chapter. Sometimes, detours are necessary. Choices are made that sketch us into the world; we add color, texture, layers and become someone.
We become other than we had planned or imagined ourselves to be. Change course, reinvent. Engage in unexpected acts. Commune with an often times unanticipated cast of characters in the theater of life.

In the urban environment, one collects myriad sensory input, bumping into or intentionally interfacing with the intermittent and contrary forces of nature: hot and cold, creative and destructive, delightful and disturbing, substantive and hollow, resilience and frailty. Balancing the Shiva/Shakti principle, we navigate the dichotomy of the human experience.  We carry on.

Who are we. What stories do we have to tell. Or not tell. Cry out, stay silent. Sing your truth. Clarity, shadow, honesty, pretense. Likely or unlikely, we create our urban stories. And hopefully, like the lotus, we all float lightly in beauty amidst the muddy waters, come what may.

Lasting Night
9 x 11
Color Drawing

Opening day: West Wall paintings

Opening day: East Wall drawings 


PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT CARE.ORG, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty and injustice.

Industrielle Gallery
33 Grand Ave
Oakland, CA 94612

Thinking Allowed Part One
12x12, acrylic on canvas



Cat McGuire said...

Hi Mary -- I *love* your new work. It's really excellent.

I like the background action you got going on now. It creates a kind of complex yet integrated tension with the foreground activity.

I love the titles of your pieces. I feel like art has become a lot more sophisticated with more layered meanings.

Everything I see here is just as good as what is being exhibited in New York these days. Your work truly deserves wider recognition and I am not just saying that because I know you.

Best of luck at the auction.

Ritesh said...
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